M.i.r.o. – Deepis


M.i.r.o. – Deepis

  • Release date: 2014-02-04
  • Label: ME-Records
  • Catalog #: me-001

the first release from Kamenz, a small town in East Germany.

The makers of Airportlounge, a successful party format from the 2000s, have formed a new label: ME Records.
Just ME. More ME. ME, the music, is getting now full attention. ME, the artist, can focus on one thing: my doing and the dance floor. Just ME. And that’s all of it.

Exactly this is the reason for the first release of ME records founder Mirko Wendt alias M.I.R.O.
“Deepis” is the name of his new single and consists of driving beats, synths from the 80s and a goose-bumping melody. Two Remixes are waiting to be released as well as the original – M.I.R.O.’s DJ colleagues and best friends Dawson and Jens Krzikalla have interpreted Deepis completely new, as well as Bunched, who already mixed for a couple of iTunes shooting stars.

The original of Deepis and the remixes are telling their own story. Listen to the music. Enjoy the first release of ME Records.



Coming Soon - March 2014

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